Chapter Thirty

The War Between the Species

For an ideology of total paranoia to work properly, it must create an unbridgeable gulf between the forces of good and the forces of evil; they must be regarded as having nothing in common and as being in total antagonism. This state of mind is difficult to achieve. In the Cold War, for instance, the antagonists have never gone this far. Although sharply disagreeing on the questions of democracy and human rights, neither side totally denies the humanity of the other side. There is always the perception of a common interest--in preventing a nuclear war, if nothing else.

What LaRouche did in the late 1970s was to create an unbridgeable-gulf theory of extraordinary emotional intensity. Buttressed by the already existing NCLC paranoia, it stimulated the most fanatical of his followers to reject totally the humanity of a specific portion of the human race--the so-called British oligarchy. This created a state of mind--in theory if not in practice--akin to that of the Nazis. And as with the Nazis, it hinged on a racial doctrine. The enemy was defined as a separate species, totally alien, totally incapable of any common moral or intellectual ground with LaRouche's own Prometheans, totally hostile to the latter because of an inbred hatred going back thousands of years.

It was this viewpoint that enabled LaRouche to project his paranoid conspiracy theory into every aspect of his followers' thinking. The oligarchy, he taught, largely controls the world. This means it determines most of the science, philosophy, religion, art, and so on that we imbibe. But since the oligarchy is totally inhuman and hostile, anything it creates is hopelessly tainted. There cannot be any common ground between humanity and the cultural values of the oligarchical order. Their artifacts and ideas therefore must be combated wherever we find them--in the latest rock song, in the oldest medieval parchment, in our own thought processes. It is cultural war to the end, with no quarter possible. One side is totally right and the other side is totally wrong, and the wrong side cannot be won over because it is biologically incapable of understanding what is true and good.

LaRouche first expressed the racist underpinnings of this unbridgeable-gulf theory in Dialectical Economics (1975), published as a vanity-press textbook by D. C. Heath & Co. It portrays the American economy as a battleground between two breeds of capitalist--the industrial capitalist and the usurer. To LaRouche their struggle is not merely economic. The two classes are "primarily distinguished by methods appropriate to the differentiation of biological species." To explain this he adopted the theory of Stalin's agronomy czar, Trofim Lysenko, that an organism's heredity can change within a single generation as a direct result of environmental stimuli. LaRouche gave Lysenko a racialist twist by suggesting that human intelligence is a result of a "general genetic alteration of the physiology of mentation after birth." His evidence was that the "quality of intelligence" differs from society to society.

So far LaRouche was merely indulging in speculation. But in "The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites" (1978), he asserted flatly that changes within a species can be "induced 'environmentally' without genetic variation." Thus, he said, the "hominid stock" can be artificially altered to produce a "new variety" (i.e., a new race). If the alteration is great enough, the new race will actually be a "new species."[FN1]

LaRouche argues that the ingrown social and cultural environment of the "British," bolstered by their inbreeding, has transformed them into precisely such a genetically separate "species." He suggests that this is nature's way of punishing them for engaging in usury and the opium trade, for it hereditarily cuts them off from the ability to grasp spiritual truths. "There is a higher reality, which the British are incapable of comprehending," LaRouche argues. It "exists beyond" the bestial "domain of deduction" to which the British mind is limited.

Essentially, LaRouche regards the British as having a relationship to the human race similar to that of parasite to host. In his own words: "The ruling British elite are like animals--not only in their morality, but in their outlook on knowledge. They are clever animals, who are masters of the wicked nature of their own species, and recognize ferally the distinctions of the hated human species." He has returned to this idea again and again: "I know the British mind very well--it is a lower order of mentality, which I can study as I watch the fish in an aquarium." It is the "mind of a species inferior to myself." The British are "a pack of animals" and "a different alien species." They are the "avowed enemies of the entire human species" who "shamelessly declare war on the human species." As for their Zionist philosophy, it emphasizes the "sensual appetites of impulsions of a racial group, making that racial group self-defined as in moral likeness to a lower beast."

LaRouche disciple Chris White echoes these sentiments. The British are a "specific form of lower life," "not human," "the end product of a specialized process of genetic engineering" that produced "congenital deficiencies and brain damage" as early as the 17th century.

In "The Elite That Can't Think Straight" LaRouche portrays the biological struggle as a relentless personal contest between himself and the top oligarchs. Their "inner circles," he says, recognize him as "the ancient and feared adversary of their own evil species" and as their "potential destroyer." When they see the influence of his work, "they tense, growling such phrases as 'potential danger,' 'more dangerous than Hitler,' 'kill it before it succeeds in getting a real foothold in shaping events.'" Whether or not LaRouche actually believes himself to be the new Hitler as implied, he approved the publication of Chris White's pamphlet The Noble Family (1978), which said just about everything left to be said: "Let us speedily expedite the urgently necessary task of freeing humanity from the grasp of that specific form of lower life before we are destroyed by them or enslaved by them. Let us joyfully ensure that the representatives of the British system are destroyed so that humanity might live...." And White concluded: "Those of us who should know better have been tolerant of such creatures for far longer than has been good for the rest of us. Let us, with ruthlessness, ensure that the job is done correctly now."

LaRouche's racialism, like Hitler's, doesn't just target the British. In a softer form it applies to most of the human race, which LaRouche accuses of being mired in sheeplike bestiality and thus requiring close surveillance by LaRouchian shepherds. He professes great compassion for the sheep. Their subhuman state is the fault of the British. Once the latter are removed from the scene, the sheep's heredity can be changed, elevating future generations to the level of true humanity.

LaRouche describes this process using terms from Plato's Republic, in which society is composed of an ascending scale of bronze, silver, and golden souls. But his ideas are very different from Plato's. To LaRouche the bronze soul is a sensuous donkeylike wretch (or worse). To Plato the bronze soul was an upright moral citizen whose role was to build the wealth of society through craftsmanship and commerce. To LaRouche the silver soul is someone who has begun to accept political leadership from LaRouche or at least has developed an "organic" humanism parallel to LaRouche's (e.g., South Africa's white rulers). To Plato the silver soul was not defined by his ideology but by his specific function and talents--he was a member of the warrior class. To LaRouche the golden souls are himself and those few lieutenants of his who have fully assimilated his intellectual method--the so-called "hypothesis of the higher hypothesis." To Plato the golden souls were the philosopher-statesmen who took care of government affairs and studied higher ethical and metaphysical principles to guide them in their work. These principles, as expressed by Socrates in Plato's dialogues, have little in common with LaRouche's ideology. Plato never theorized about a hypothesis of the higher hypothesis. Nor did he regard his philosopher-kings as a biologically superior race.

The misappropriation of Platonism as a buttress for modern fascism is not unique to LaRouche. In 1939, Dr. Otto Dietrich, the head of Hitler's press bureau, announced that Hitler's views on leadership were "in entire conformity" with Plato's "immortal Laws" which teach the "voluntary subordination of the masses, whilst at the same time bringing the 'wise men from within them to leadership.'" Platonic jargon was also adopted by Oswald Mosley, führer of the British Union of Fascists, and by members of South Africa's Broederbond during their rise to power after World War II.

When LaRouche begins to talk about specific ethnic groups, his humanist devotion to raising bronze souls out of their bestial mire suddenly disappears--apparently because they so stubbornly resist the values of his would-be golden souls. He adopts instead a relentless racism fit more for a master race than idealistic shepherds. For instance, the Chinese are a "paranoid" people who share, with "lower forms of animal life," a "fundamental distinction from actually human personalities." American blacks who insist on equal rights are obsessed with distinctions that "would be proper to the classification of varieties of monkeys and baboons." Puerto Ricans are intellectually impotent representatives of a culture based on "'macho' pathology" and crazed blood oaths. Italians, also impotent, are obsessed with churches, whorehouses, and "images of the Virgin Mary" (whose "goddamn smile" LaRouche would like to remove from public view by closing Italy's churches). Irish-Americans are representatives of a backward Catholic "ethnic piggishness" and are responsible for a "hideous mind-and-body-eroding orgy of fertility." Tribal peoples, as in Brazil's Amazon Basin, have a "likeness to a lower beast."

These attitudes have definite implications for LaRouche's doctrine of world conquest. In discussing U.S. treatment of American Indians in the nineteenth century and the conquest of Mexican territories in 1848 by General Winfield Scott, LaRouche asked: "Was it...correct for the American branch of European humanist culture to absorb the territories occupied by a miserable, relatively bestial culture of indigenous Americans? Absolutely. Was it correct to absorb...the areas taken in the Mexican-American War? Historically, yes--for the same reason." And the underlying principle? "We do not regard all cultures and nations as equally deserving of sovereignty or survival."

How do the Russians fit into the LaRouchian racial theory? In the late 1970s and early 1980s, LaRouche tended to see the Soviet Union as being like the United States--a country influenced by networks of "British" agents but not fully dominated by them. For instance, these agents didn't dominate the great "nation builder" Leonid Brezhnev, But they have been present in Russia for many centuries as a conspiratorial force and are every bit as evil, in LaRouche's eyes, as Henry Kissinger or Queen Elizabeth. They are "morally subhuman," "incapable of creative thought," and addicted to "the lowest form of thought, Baconian swinish groveling, rooting and sniffing of objects." They reek with the "hideous stench of subhuman Black Guelph breed." Ivan the Terrible should have wiped them out--he tried, but couldn't reach them all.

In 1984, LaRouche reworked his rhetoric against the Soviet Union's ''British" agents into a form that attacked the Russian culture and people as a whole--apparently to bolster his argument for a crash program to develop SDI. The Russians, he said, have been completely dominated for over a thousand years by an evil culture, descended, like the British, from Babylon. The Russians developed by way of Byzantium and the evil Orthodox Church. Like their British cousins, they aim at establishing a hideous form of world domination. They want Moscow to be the Third Rome, ruling all the earth.

Does the Third Rome theory take the Jews off the hook? Not at all, for the Jews and Orthodox Christians are really just two aspects of the same enemy: a single underlying racial-cultural bacillus. Here LaRouche apparently borrows an idea from Oswald Spengler's Decline of the West--that there is a Semitic "Magian" culture common to Jews, Arabs, and Orthodox Christians, a culture of folks who like to hang out in caves (like Istanbul's Hagia Sophia and New York's Grand Central Station). Spengler regarded this culture as backward and superstitious in comparison with the cathedral-building Promethean/Faustian civilization of Germany.

LaRouche calls the Magians the "magicians." When he talks about the unspeakable evil of the Russian Orthodox Church, he is alluding to the theory that the Slavic peoples and especially the Russians are culturally an extension (thanks to the Orthodox Church) of the Magian culture--that of the "Babylonians" and "Persians" who wrote the Old Testament. This Magian culture is deeply engrained in the Russian soul. And it is a culture that ultimately comes, LaRouche suggests, from a specific racial type: dark-skinned Dravidians related to those who fled India at the time of the Aryan invasion and supposedly settled near Babylon.

If Russia has been under the domination of Magian Orthodoxy for the past thousand years, then according to LaRouche's cultural mutation theory the Russians--or at least the Russian oligarchy--must have evolved like the "British" into a separate species. The LaRouchians thrill to an almost mystical hatred of this ultimate enemy. And they can say about Mount Athos, the center of Orthodox spirituality: "It is about time someone bombed the Holy Mountain, its monks, its monasteries, and everything in it. Bomb it thoroughly, systematically, and completely so that nothing of its evil legacy survives." In context, the writer was referring to the Soviet Union, not Mount Athos.

On close inspection, LaRouche's racialist universe appears to have three species unknown to zoology: the Western oligarchs (the British-Jewish branch of Dravidian Babylon); the Eastern oligarchs (the Russian Orthodox branch); and the bestial masses. The human species, it would appear, is a fourth species composed solely of LaRouche and his followers.

Yet LaRouche dreams of a fifth species--the racial superman--the true goal of his life. The Platonic hierarchy of bronze, silver, and golden souls thus becomes a metaphor expressing the biological transmission of Acquired Characteristics. As LaRouche wrote in his autobiography, The Power of Reason: "The objective of my life is to contribute to bringing men and women out of the wretched condition of sensuous donkeys and incompletely human 'silver souls’ to contribute to making of our species a race of ‘golden souls.’"

If the mutant race is to survive and prosper, however, the two Babylonian species have got to go. LaRouche would hasten their departure through the Grand Design described earlier in this book. The Grand Design and LaRouche's racialist theories, put together, include all the elements of Nazism.

[1] LaRouche follower Carol Cleary, with an undergraduate degree in biology, tried to develop an underpinning for this. She argued in a 1980 Fusion article that evolution and mutation occur on the chromosomal level rather than the genetic level, but that the evil Darwinians had suppressed this fact, Cleary's article was denounced as "hogwash" in a letter from Professor James F, Bonner of the California Institute of Technology. Fusion printed Bonner's letter with an abusive reply from Cleary that essentially said that working hard for LaRouche will produce chromosomal changes resulting in a higher species.